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26 March 2008 @ 08:08 pm
The First Day of Seven Years  
Title: The First Day of Seven Years
Fandom: Zelda (Ocarina of Time)
Rating: G
Summary: The Sacred Realm's been opened. Link has the Ocarina. Now what will Zelda do?
AN: Unbeta'd. Written from the prompt hoarfrost at trascendenza's Vocabulary Soup
Word Count: 611

The First Day of Seven Years

She sat in the grass, heedless of the hoarfrost melting under her skirts. The morning sun glinted off the white of Hyrule Field. A wicked trick: another day had begun! She swiped in shame at the tears that fell. She didn't want to act like a little girl! She had no idea what had happened to her father, but she knew that, in all likelihood, he was dead. That put her in charge, and she had only just turned ten! The tears flowed faster and she swiped them away with twice the vigor.

"Come," a hard, familiar voice spoke from behind her.

Zelda obeyed without a second thought, rising. Impa turned to walk away, and Zelda followed, feeling her stocking feet slip on the grass. They slunk back into the camp underneath the cliff's edge where they'd been living for... this was now the fifth dawn.

Five cold dawns, but nothing was going to change for a good long while. She'd made the worst mistake she could have: in trying to seal away the Sacred Realm from her father's untrustworthy adviser, she had unwittingly delivered it into his hands. Now her father was dead, and his evil Gerudo adviser held the throne. Even from here she could see the gloom gathering on Mount Doom, the darkening of the sky over Hyrule Castle Town.

She didn't realize that she'd utterly stopped to look to the sky until Impa urged her forward again, speaking lowly to her. "Do you know when the Ocarina will bring him?"

The question both sounded odd and completely reasonable to Zelda's ears. she wondered how she was supposed to know the answer, though. "I, I..." she stammered.

"You were its keeper, Princess." There was reproach in Impa's tone.

"Seven years?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?" Zelda may be forgiven for destroying the kingdom, but if she doomed the hero, it was clear to her that Impa would not forgive that as well.

"I'm..." her eyes tried and failed to focus on Impa. Seemingly of their own will they forced her mind to some middle distance, and she saw a Sheikah boy standing before the hero-- recognizable by his clothing-- telling him how long he had been away.

"Seven years," Zelda affirmed, this time with an iron core to her voice.

Impa nodded. "Good. That gives us time. We must learn how to survive. The world will fall around us, but we must wait and it will be undone. Are you prepared for that?"

Zelda rubbed her gloves wrists together and straighted the habit she'd tried to put over her hair without a mirror. "I am," she answered. She sounded much less sure than she felt. She felt as if she would walk to hell and back to help her land regain an ounce of its power. She was, after all, some sort of... she didn't know, but she knew she had some powers. If those were meant to make her wait...

"How, Mistress Impa?" Zelda asked.

"Disguise," Impa answered.

The answer came to Zelda immediately and she gasped and spoke before she thought. "That Sheikah boy!"

Impa turned to her, red eyes blazing. "Sheikah boy. That is a good idea."

Zelda dipped a little bow. "Thank you." Her chest burned with pride, though it hadn't been an idea at all, just a fact reaching backward from the future.

"Transmogrification," Impa murmured to herself. "It's an advanced spell, but you... yes, I do believe you could do it. I suppose we should get started, then?"

Zelda nodded, happy for the first time in days. This was the last frost that would feel her tears. From this day on, she'd fight, she'd hide, she'd learn, she'd grow, and she would not make a mistake ever again.
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drkmg320drkmg320 on March 27th, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
I like it, and I love the fact that its a LOZ fic, I could certainly read many more of these. Also the idea to write about the seven years is an awesome one there is a lot of room for some great story telling while we wait to region the main story.
Autumn: guardianmoonys_autumn on April 6th, 2008 08:31 pm (UTC)
I liked this a lot and if you continued it, I would definately keep reading. :) This is the first Zelda fic I've read, and I feel the need to say Bravo!