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25 December 2007 @ 02:21 am
Just a Little Sake  
Title: Just a Little Sake
Fandom: InuYasha
Rating: PG for the adultish concept of binge drinking?
Summary: Bankotsu and Jakotsu and binge drinking :)
Word Count: 919
AN: Written for abarero, Merry Christmas! Many thanks to haro for beta-ing, and on short notice on Christmas Eve.

Just a Little Sake

The jars rested between them in a tessellation, the smell heady and overwhelming.

"They paid us in sake?" Jakotsu raised an eyebrow and questioned his leader and partner in crime, painted lips pursing.

Bankotsu made a face. "They didn't have any money. We need to choose better employers. It's not even good sake," he added, peering into one clay jar suspiciously.

"I'll say," Jakotsu muttered under his breath. "In the mean time, what are we supposed to do with all of this..." He pulled a muscular arm from his fine silk yukata to wave at the array of full jars.

"We could sell it," Bankotsu suggested.

"Oh, but wouldn't that be a waste of fine sake?" He said it in his whine, his whine that should have annoyed Bankotsu but never did.

"I thought you wanted money, not sake."

"But I might have used my money to buy sake." Jakotsu tilted his head.

"Would you just tell me what you want?"

Jakotsu shrugged. "We'll drink some and sell what we can't drink. Then we can use the money to buy better sake," Jakotsu met Bankotsu's eyes and Bankotsu saw within them that devilish gleam. Jakotsu's smile was crimson and dangerous, like his desires.

"Do what you like with your half. My own..." Bankotsu thought for a moment. "Food, I guess."

Jakotsu rolled his eyes and lifted a skin from his belt, pulling a large sake jar flush with his bare leg until it hugged the inside of his bent knee. He dipped the skin into the jar. "Whoever drinks the most should get the largest cut of profit," Jakotsu smiled across at Banktosu.

Bankotsu was pulling out his own skin from the very small pack he carried from place to place in their lives as errant mercenaries. "That doesn't make any sense! Whoever drinks the most has drank the most of our profits!"

Jakotsu laughed. "You think so logically," but he made it come out almost as an insult. "Whoever can drink the most is the better man and should get the most profits."

Bankotsu shook his head, but his answer was, "Sure, we can do what you like." He couldn't help himself when it came to Jakotsu's little quirks of nature. He was a strange friend, and not just for preferring to be with men, not at all. He thought in a different way than other men Bankotsu had known. Jakotsu made his own sense of things. Bankotsu loved that about his friend.

Bakotsu's agreement to the challenge was met with a sparkling, mischievous laugh from Jakotsu as he dunked his skin far into the jar and pulled up a hand dripping with sake. The skin-full was gone before Bankotsu could fill his own skin, and soon he was drinking without stopping for air to catch up with Jakotsu.

* * * *

From there, Banktosu's memories grew hazy. It was night, and the moon was a golden yellow, and it seemed like that was all he could remember: the blackness of the sky and the goldness of the moon and the way they seemed to blend as he'd slumped to the ground, giggling but feeling sick. He remembered-- he remembered Jakotsu leaning over and saying something that was at once sweet, humorous, and also risque-- so like him! He leaned over and--

The kiss! They'd kissed. Bakotsu, hungover and squinting in the early morning light, hung his head and blushed before eying his thoroughly passed-out friend sprawled on the ground next to him.

Bankotsu sat while the sun climbed higher, wondering what, if anything, would change after the night. He wasn't sure if he wanted a change or not. He knew he didn't want a change for the worse, anyway.

When Jakotsu awoke, his mouth a perfect "O" of surprise at the sun in his eyes, he blinked up at Bankotsu. He stood and fastened his armor back on. He looked far less harmed by the alcohol than Bankotsu felt, anyway.

When Bankotsu caught Jakotsu looking down at him, still looking surprised, he grunted up, "What?"

"Oh. I thought we should get going."

"Sure." Bankotsu didn't want to let on that the sake had hit him as hard as it had. He stood. "Are we going to sell the rest of this?"

Jakotsu fingered the edge of a jar. "You know we need to figure this out first. I think... I'm not sure this is such a good idea."

"What?" Bankotsu held his breath, waiting for the blow.

"This village didn't have money to pay us, so why would they have money to buy sake?"

"Oh. Yeah, you know, you're right."

"And it's an awful lot to carry with us."

"We could but, we'd be vulnerable on the road, that's for certain."

"I have an idea," Jakotsu offered, but the gleam in his eye said he had more than an idea.


"Well, it's ours. Let's just stay here tonight and finish it."

Bankotsu's stomach turned at the suggestion. He felt as though he never wanted to see sake again. But he remembered the night before, wondered if maybe it could happen again. More than anything, he could not stand to lose face at a drinking game. "Alright, you're on!" Bankotsu declared. He hoped he wouldn't regret that answer, but he felt that even more he'd regret the other answer, wondering for the rest of his life what would have been if he hadn't been such a coward in the face of a little sake.
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accio abarero!: B/Jabarero on December 26th, 2007 08:30 am (UTC)
Yay, thanks so much! I love pre-Shichinin-tai Bank/Jak~ Thanks ^^
Bloody Jack Flint: Jack Thinking Out Loud Hushrhye on December 27th, 2007 05:52 am (UTC)
You're welcome! I write these two so infrequently, only for you, that their characterizations always intimidate me, especially when writing for YOU.