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28 August 2007 @ 03:27 pm
Three Poems  
Three original poems, all rated G. My writing muse is in the fetal position, and poetry is what happens when that happens. The cadence and rawness is soothing, like rocking a crying child. I hope you aren't annoyed. There may be more.

The War in Heaven

There was a war in heaven
A long long time ago,
Now every soul who enters life
Is mixed up in this brotherly strife
A soul is won, a soul is lost,
But at what cost?

What must be lost
To win

The war in heaven?


Carved in stone,
You miss the movement
Flow and ebb and riptide, neaptide, springtide
You see the fireglow from miles away
No one sees you, no one cares

But you never burn, and you never die


Others saw a splay of lines,
A violent mark,
The drawings of an unfit soul:

I saw a crosshatch spiderweb,
Made with metal on glass in the dark.
I could feel the sensation of loosed inhibitions.

If art is beauty born from free emotion,
Surely, this is highest art.
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