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26 August 2007 @ 06:11 pm
This Land is Your Land: Chapters Nine, Ten, Eleven  
Title: This Land is Your Land
Fandom: BBM
Rating: NC-17
Authors: lolitaray (Ennis) & rhye (Jack)
Disclaimer: Brokeback Mountain is the creation of Annie Proulx, and no profit is being made off of the sharing of this work. We do this for enjoyment only.
Summary: Ennis is a high-school drop-out giving it a final go. Jack is an enigmatic history teacher. This is a modern-day AU!AU. In this story, POVs are intermingled. Hopefully this is not too confusing to the readers.
Warnings: The story within contains adult themes, including but not limited to: explicit m/m sex, teacher/student relationships involving the high school level, cursing, and descriptions of violence, including sexual violence. This has been written for fun, but we understand that not everyone may enjoy it. Just scroll past!
Authors' Notes: Our hope is to update this weekly. All respectful feedback is encouraged, and we hope that readers get as much enjoyment out of reading this piece as we are getting out of writing it.

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( This Land is Your Land: Chapter Nine )

( This Land is Your Land: Chapter Ten )

( This Land is Your Land: Chapter Eleven )

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