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02 January 2010 @ 02:07 am
Hogwarts Is Home  
If you aren't aware by now, these days I am pretty far into the Harry Potter fandom, in particular one little slice known as hogwartsishome, or HiH for short.

What is HiH? It's like a mini Hogwarts on livejournal! There are clubs, Quidditch games, Death Eater Raids, and lounging about in the Common Room. You make a lot of friends, and you can either do pretty much nothing at all, or you can be insanely active. You choose your own adventure.

It is not: Role-playing. There is no character. You are, simply, you. The people you meet and become friends with, the people you "attend Hogwarts" with or "are housemates" with are real people. Getting to meet real people and spend time with people is a major bonus.

It is not: A single game or community. It's a collection of communities such as icon contests, fiction contests, crossword puzzles, text contests, trivia contests, places to order custom graphics or make custom graphics ("shops"), the list goes on and on.

It is not: Entirely Harry Potter related. That would be a bit boring after a while. We're real people with real interests meeting other people with similar and different interests. Not all of the activities are Harry Potter related. In art club, you may do a puzzle that relies on your knowledge of classical artists, for example.

It is not: A forum. As much as we interact and chat, the bulk of the activity is in activities and contests and not in interaction and conversation. Again, it's a case of you being able to chose what you want to get from it.

Interested? Go to platform_934 and fill out the application. That allows the members to sort you into your Hogwarts House, so be thorough on your application! We don't turn anyone away unless you blatantly break the rules, so what are you waiting for?
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