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04 December 2009 @ 11:55 pm
Ten Red Balloons  
1. GO HERE. Researchers at MIT are studying the function of social networks in relaying real-life geographically spread information via virtual social networks.

2. We are looking for very large (ten foot tall) red balloons in urban areas. IF YOU SEE SUCH A BALLOON, REPORT IT TO THE SITE ABOVE OR TO ME SO THAT I CAN REPORT IT. There are only 10 balloons, and the odds of them being in the Twin Cities in a location that I can see are rather slim, but with all of your eyes and ears, I feel marginally better.

3. Sign up for your own network and share this message with people you know. If someone that you referred locates all ten balloons, you also win money.

4. MONEY. There is money for doing this. Not a ton, but whenever you participate in a research study, you get paid. In this case the cash prizes are graduated in order to act as an incentive for people to find the balloons as quickly as possible. If you or someone in your network (someone you referred) is the first person to report all ten, you will get money.

Here's that link again if you missed it the last eight times.
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