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27 July 2009 @ 10:21 pm
Two Ficlets [Harry Potter]  
Title: Hypnosium!
Summary: Moody has innovative methods. Auror training.
Characters/Pairings: Alastor Moody, newbie aurors (no recognizable characters).
Rating/Warnings: PG
AN: For the "Auror Training" Ficlet challenge, #16, at hh_sugarquill, and for sparklycockles, who asked that it be funny as a part of her pirate booty.
Word Count: 165
Link: HERE @ vintageflame

Title: Be There
Summary: Harry is emo after the sectumsempra thing, and Draco cheers him up. By being a git.
Characters/Pairings: Implied Harry/Draco
Rating/Warnings: PG
AN: For darthsarah.
Word Count: 233
Link: HERE @ vintageflame
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