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18 July 2009 @ 10:58 pm
vintageflame Digest (All HP)  
It's Impolite to Speak with your Mouth Full
Sirius, James/Lily; PG-13; 1283 words
Sirius fails to understand the concept of a microphone in time to make the best man's speech at James and Lily's wedding. Hilarity ensues.

The Sound of Triumph
Tiberius Ogden; G; 305 words
Tiberius Ogden gives up a promising music career to be an auror.

How Strange, The Form of Fear: Chapter 19: Quarantine
Remus/Sirius, James/Lily; PG; 2408
In school, Remus and Sirius perform a complicated spell to marry their thoughts in a subtle but intricate union. Fluffy beginning, epic-length, angsty ending. It sticks somewhat close to canon throughout. In this chapter: Tragedy befalls the wizarding world, and it doesn't spare the Marauders, as Sirius comes down with a frightening illness and Remus has to worry about the Full Moon. Also, what was that James just said to Lily? He didn't really-- did he?

Filled and Emptied
Remus, past Remus/Sirius; NC-17; 982
Remus loves his butt plug, and that's why he must throw it out.
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