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27 May 2009 @ 02:03 am
Two Harry Potter Fics  
Title: O'erperch These Walls
Summary: Hermione struggles through her last year of Hogwarts, missing her friends and surrounded by ghost-- real and imagined.
Characters/Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Rating/Warnings: G
AN: For firebolt_elite (won first place). Beta'd by foxymsmoxie.
Word Count: 735
Link: HERE @ vintageflame

Title: How Strange, The Form of Fear: Chapter 17: Puppy Love
Summary: In school, the Remus and Sirius perform a complicated spell to marry their thoughts in a subtle but intricate union. Fluffy beginning, epic-length, angsty ending. It sticks somewhat close to canon throughout.
This Chapter: Full moon, fluff, minor hurt/comfort. Warm blankets and a romp in the water dish.
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Sirius, eventual James/Lily
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, bestiality
Word Count: 2132
Link: HERE @ vintageflame
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