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29 January 2009 @ 10:18 pm
HiH Promotion  

What is hogwartsishome? It's sorting community to the extreme! We aren't just a sorting community, but rather we are a fully-fledged student body. The community is built around the competition and cooperation of the four Hogswarts Houses, and activities run into nearly a dozen subsidiary communities. There are clubs, for instance I run the Astronomy club, and others on my friend's list run clubs such as Transfiguration. Non-HP-canon clubs include Art, Shutterbug, and The Restricted Section (literature) to name several.

But that's not all there is at the community; there are also sub-communities for writers, the graphically inclined (I co-mod the HiH icon contest, which typically gets 40 submissions a week), night-owls, health fanatics, HP trivia champs, and more. I've met some pretty awesome local friends through HiH, and we celebrate Hogsmeade in real life.

Interested in becoming a member of this great community? Head on over to platform_934 and fill out an application (as thoroughly as possible!). It's not an elite community, but you'll be essentially living with your house members, so we take sorting very seriously. Tell them an order member sent you. (That's me. As of today.)

If you have any questions, just comment.
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