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16 June 2008 @ 02:03 pm
Hang From the Sky  
Title: Hang From the Sky
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Character/Pairing: Prof. Aurora Sinistra (various other professors and students are mentioned)
Summary: Aurora's world. What is the barely-ever-there astronomy professor like? What fuels her?
AN: Unbeta'd. I hope I did alright on this. I had to make up some basic astronomy spells. At least I know the astronomy, even if I am very new to the Harry Potter fandom. I imagine I might write more about Aurora. Also, let me know if there's someplace I should post this. I'm very new to the fandom and haven't got a clue. Thanks!
Word Count: 919

Hang From the Sky

The air is always cold up here, even in the rankest months of summer. Aurora can often be found here in all seasons, though she prefers the summer months because it is easier to work a telescope when you can feel your hands. Like Sybill, she doesn't come downstairs overmuch, though her reasons are quite different. Sybill is the lonely sort. Aurora doesn't like her, doesn't like all that nonsensical tea leaf dribble. She likes to talk to Professor Sprout and is very best friends with Septima, who often comes up in the evenings to have a go at the stars or to discuss the latest cosmological theories. Septima, though, is crazy about MOND and string theory and gives Aurora's eyes a workout from all the rolling they do behind Septima's back. Aurora also communes often with Charity, as Aurora is in a wizarding profession that maintains strong ties with its muggle counterpart. They are, after all, looking at the same objects, just via different methods, and it is important that Aurora understand the muggle methods in order to interpret the muggle results. Charity's eyes often glaze over, though, when Aurora starts talking about something like color printing costs in the Astrophysical Journal. Well, she had asked about astronomy in the muggle world, hadn't she?

But mostly Aurora Sinistra spends much of her time alone and lonely atop the astronomy tower. Non-muggle astronomy is a dying art, transforming into astrology before her eyes as witches and wizards lose interest in how the world really works. On occasions she's had the fleeting thought of leaving Hogwarts and living a muggle life, but she knows that she knows nothing about muggle life, not really. She can describe how a CDD works even to a troll, but she wouldn't know how to make herself dinner without magic.

She is kneeling, knees aching already, under the eyepiece of one of the smaller telescopes. The muggles hadn't found this comet yet, and unfortunately Aurora doesn't publish in muggle circles so it may yet be a while before they did find it, but in the meantime she's been charting it every night. If it had been the school year she would have made it a project for the small group of seventh year astronomy students. For now, though, she figures that she'll make them use the data to find all the comet's orbital parameters. She thinks it may be too easy of a project for them, but they have a tendency to think everything impossible. Maybe if they paid a little more attention in Arithmancy they wouldn't find it so bloody hard.

She pulled out her wand and changed the magnification and field of view on the eyepiece with a quick mutter of "Focculo." Ah, there it was. She could see both tails, dark as the Hogwarts grounds are-- another reason she fancied staying at the castle (not to mention that she simply adored teaching the students). "I have got you now, you little bigger," she growls as if it could hear her. "Cardinalis lumos." Her wand's tip flares with a bright red light by which she reads the coordinates off the telescope's mount. She takes a ready-write quill (ink spills in the dark are no fun, though ready-writes don't work in the winter when their ink freezes) and scratches down the coordinates on her parchment by the crimson wand glow.

Work done for the evening, Aurora considers packing it all up and heading inside for her appointment with The Three Musketeers. The book makes her laugh and sometimes rather reminds her of a group of students she'd taught some fifteen years ago now. They were hard to forget-- Potter, Black, their crowd. Harry is a good boy, though. Much more well behaved, more's the pity. (A little raucousness was well-received by Aurora, as long as it occurred far away from her classroom. It was nearly all the entertainment she got.)

But, staring her farewells to the pristine evening sky, and was reminded that Vesta, Pallas, and Ceres were up, if dim. "Lustrare. Menos Focculo." With the magically-enhanced collecting area and the larger field of view, she is sure she can find them. She's seen them before of course, but that was different. Every time is different. She feels the thrill of the chase. It's personal. It's always personal. "Where are you hiding?" She thinks that after she finds them, she should head for an easy target. Jupiter is in the east, taunting her with its brilliant glow. There is hardly a thing like seeing those moons-- like the first time every time.

She'd gone out at eleven at night, but by the time her knees and back and neck and eye are strained too much to continue a moment longer, it is well after four in the morning. Shivering, she finds her bed and sleeps like the dead under her feather comforter. It is always cold up here.

She would have liked nothing more than to be at breakfast next day, but, as with every other day, she sleeps through both it and lunch. Some of the other professors discuss her routine absence and wonder why she is anti-social. This is their loss. If they'd come up in the evening they would have found she is only too eager for company. But she is an astronomer, her world is not their world, her day is not their day, and her feet hang always from the sky.
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The girl who's always unlucky in loveshalinilahiri on June 17th, 2008 01:54 am (UTC)

This was really very different and nice. You've given a name (she was just a name in the books), such a complex personality and made her an interesting character.

One question though, who is Septima?
kittie8571: hp_wolf by ressie noldokittie8571 on June 17th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
Very nice piece.

I think hp_fanfiction would be a good community to post this in.