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10 June 2008 @ 02:44 pm
Poems: A Storm & Some Stick  
Two Short Original Poems
Rating: G

a Storm

Unsettled, unrested
Its motion too hectic,
In confusion sinking's
Our watery keep. Or maybe
It isn't; words fail, but the
Passion still lingers in the
Caverns, cold
Beneath the sea.

Pain stays while fear thickens.
The fog of bravado
Grows dense off the shoreline:
White heat on the sea. Our
Compass' unfaithful and waves
High and hateful: no respite above
The great tumbling sweep. We
Hang from the mainsail,
Rely on the staysail
To keep us as living
Above the dark deep.

Some Stick

Some stick- like air to rock
    In the fragile airlessness between
Vast depthlessness of stars and black
    That is not the absence of light
But nothing for light to fall upon
    In a world full-up with photonic dances.
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