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29 April 2008 @ 12:15 am
A Small Town Summer  
Title: A Small Town Summer
Fandom: None; Original
Summary: See the title. Seven stanzas, free verse.
Rating: PG

A Small Town Summer

Uncle at the ice cream store
Flavor of the day
And water pistols--
Wednesday in the meadow and
The firemen will bring the tank:
The water battle of the year.

Afterwards wet children
Eating watermelon.
Cousin makes ice cream,
The texture strange, but the
Flavor sweet, and we are
Chocolate. Mouths, fingers.

I'll push Adrian on the swing
In the wetness of the morning.
We'll play cards in the heat of day
And eat tomato sandwiches
Before the evening service.
Cousin goes up early with the choir.

How Great Thou Art, a squirrel
Rustles outside the sanctuary.
After church, more cards, a book,
Talk of Great Uncle Woodrow's estate,
The city code, the tree that skirts
A property line, contentions.
Anne's failing health, Gail's new puppies
How I want one.
How I can't have one.

Tomorrow we will fight the War
Of Northern Aggression over
Yellow potato salad. I go
To the pump house for the cool,
Though I won't drink from there.
At the ice cream shop, the in-gang
Is talking about volleyball and sex.
I listen with envy and browse candy.

Sometimes, it's the stars at night,
And Virgil's truck backfiring scares
A rabbit into woods. The insect sounds
Keep me alert. The fans all blowing,
Every window and door standing open
Begging the night air to come in and cool.
Tomorrow I will go to the graveyard,
Old cemetery in weeds by the road
And the Saturday service before the big
Sunday one. Maybe I'll go push the swing
The top of the rope hidden
A hundred feet up in the old, old oak.

I sit on a stump, cut from
A hurricane tree, felled three summers ago
By the wind. Gail carries a pup.
I hope she won't come by. Cousin waves hello
As he passes on the grass. I think a
Popsicle would be nice. I decide to
Walk to the ice cream shop today.
Just like the day before.
Current Location: St. Paul, MN
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